Firetool JE150 fire extinguisher with Nano particulate technology



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Firetool JE150 fire extinguisher with Nano particulate technology

Lets face it, buying a fire extinguisher can be a nightmare, you think ” which one do I need ? ” or ” will it work ” and not surprisingly , there’s an awful lot of rubbish out there .

I trade at a lot of outdoor events , and have always had a fire extinguisher in whatever van I have taken , and also have one in my car, and I thought that was ok , until I traded at a big motorcycle event , and sat chatting with a fire marshall who also ran and extinguisher company and found out that the budget supermarket extinguisher I had bought wasn’t worth the box it was housed in .

I was fortunate at the same time to be introduced to a gentleman who told be about the firetool range , and the key points are this:

The JE150 unit is the size of a medium torch but packs the punch of a  three 2kg dry powder  type extinguishers or three 9kg water extinguishers , that’s some power
There is absolutely no residue
The unit is approved by Rina , SGS and is CE approved
Non hazardous , human safe , non toxic
Non pressurised
Environmentally safe
Can be used on ALL types of fires , no wondering which one to use
5 year no maintenance unit

Double canister unit can withstand up to 2.0mba pressure . An internal special coolant reduces operating temperatures whilst being operated . There’s even an anti explosion and pressure relief system inbuilt as an additional feature


This fire extinguisher  range is a  GREEN AGENT PRODUCT, Human Safe, Zero Ozone Depletion Potential, Zero Global Warming Potential. No by-product of agriculture or animal material used.

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